Antonio Luis Carbonell

Principal Consultant

Antonio is a TIC & Transport engineer with 9 years’ experience in urban transport planning and operations as well as Supply Chain Management and Operations.

He has previous experience in urban transport planning and operations. He has participated in various projects whose objective was the redefinition of the public transportation services, organisational transformations, transportation services diagnostics and operational excellence.

He also has experience in Supply Chain Management. He has worked on projects that increase the operational performance of the maintenance process overall for railways, rolling stock, planes, roads, city equipment and in procurement and sales process improvements.

He has worked for the Transportation Authority of Bogotá, a global mobility operator and a European business consulting firm.

In Steer, Antonio supports and leads projects in sectors such as transport planning and logistics, working in modelling and demand forecasting, integration of urban transport and urban planning and delivering tailored solutions for clients.

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