Alia Verloes

Principal Consultant
Alia Verloes

Alia is a public policy specialist and urban strategist with a focus on smart mobility, applying technology in cities, and above all, responding to societal changes. She holds a master’s degree on Regional and Urban Strategy from Sciences Po Paris.

Alia currently works in the New Mobility Team at Steer exploring the potential opportunities and impact of disruptive transportation technologies in cities across the world. Alia’s work covers a wide range of technologies in Europe and North America including carsharing, ridesharing, micromobility, and connected autonomous vehicles. She has seven years’ experience helping public and private sector clients in better appraising and implementing the potential of emerging trends in transportation and mobility, in order to maximize benefits to users and society, and achieve their own policy and/or business objectives.

Alia is a recognized expert who has been invited to speak at conferences in the US, Europe and Asia. She has also given lectures at Sciences Po’s Urban School and at Paris Urban Planning Institute on sustainable mobility solutions and mobility behaviors change. Alia has recently co-authored research pieces in the field, including in Transport Policy.

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