Disruptive technologies

Technology is disrupting transportation at a faster pace than ever before. New technologies and business models are changing the way that people and goods move around our cities, towns and rural communities. Navigating these changes effectively is important to maximize the benefits of more efficient, lower emission, safer and personalized services, while minimizing the risks of increasing congestion, carbon and particulate emissions, and inequalities.

We help our clients plan, develop and implement new transportation technologies. Our expertise is based on a deep understanding of the factors which help or hinder the adoption of new technologies, and our monitoring and evaluation of new services.

With projects delivered internationally across a range of disruptive technologies, shared e-scooters to on-demand minibuses and autonomous delivery services, we have extensive experience providing informed insights to companies and municipalities. We are passionate about how new technologies can help shape our communities for the better.

Our team brings together experts in new transportation, digital and energy technologies, data analysts, planners and technologists to provide a holistic understanding of how to minimize challenges and maximize opportunities.

How we can help you

We are adept at advising both operators and municipalities worldwide. Steer provides knowledge, insight and guidance on the implementation and development of technologies to complement existing services while maintaining a commercial understanding of business needs and the need to meet carbon reduction targets.


We are Steer

Yes, you are in the right place. After 40 years, we have changed our name from Steer Davies Gleave to mark our growing international footprint and our expanding portfolio into markets beyond transportation.

Explore our new website to learn more about Steer: who we are, how we work and what our future holds.