Development planning

As more of the population live in urban areas and land is more intensively developed, there is a pressing need to improve access by all transportation modes, making it easier to navigate areas, and reducing the overall demand for travel and reliance upon motor vehicles. 

Our team helps all types of landowners improve access to their properties and enhance the value of their assets. We devise cost-effective strategies which anticipate the introduction of new technologies and take decarbonization and wider environmental considerations into account, while minimizing capital and operational costs. We have over 30 years of experience helping landowners devise effective access strategies and achieve timely and successful planning approvals.  We also advise on the potential for attracting third-party funding to aid project viability.

With our wide range of in-house specialist skills, we can quickly identify the transportation factors which are critical to the success of the project. With our depth of technical expertise, we provide compelling solutions and documentation to assist negotiations with planning and transportation authorities.

How we can help you

We work with private and public sector landowners, national, regional and local governments, health, education and digital/energy providers and transportation operators. We are adept at working in multi-disciplinary teams including architects, planning consultants, surveyors and environmental specialists. Our core offer includes:

  • Urban design and masterplanning
  • Landscape architecture and public realm improvements
  • Transportation and infrastructure masterplanning (including digital, energy/utility, and civic infrastructure)
  • Pedestrian movement
  • Car, bus and cycle parking
  • Land-use assessment and planning

We are Steer

Yes, you are in the right place. After 40 years, we have changed our name from Steer Davies Gleave to mark our growing international footprint and our expanding portfolio into markets beyond transportation.

Explore our new website to learn more about Steer: who we are, how we work and what our future holds.