Steer wins the 'Innovative ways of working' award at the ENEI Awards 2020

We are extremely proud to have won the 'Innovative ways of working' award at the ENEI Awards 2020.

The ENEI Awards recognise the commitment of organisations in achieving diverse and inclusive workplaces and celebrate the teams and individuals who are really making a difference.

At Steer, we support our employees, who are from a range of different backgrounds, with their personal commitments to achieve a good level of work-life balance. We believe that being an agile and innovative employer is key to maintaining our strong working culture. 

Our clients value agile working and innovation too. We provide our services in a range of ways so being agile is critical to our business model. We differentiate ourselves by providing high-quality advice for our clients in a timely manner.

This need to be agile creates an opportunity to be flexible, allowing our employees the autonomy to decide not only how, when and where they work with clients but also how they work with us. We see flexibility as a win-win-win scenario for the Company, our employees and our clients because it exhibits the trust we have in our employees, the trust our employees have in us and, ultimately, the trust our clients have in our services.

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